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This website is a product of the Tokachi Obihiro Airport Promotion Association. The Tokachi Obihiro Airport Promotion Association (the executive office and the Obihiro Airport office) objective is to plan the promotion of the Tokachi Obihiro airport. It is organized by 10 of the leading companies representing the commerce, industry, and tourism industries of Tokachi and Obihiro. It is a cooperative that serves the requests of the airline companies and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism as well as promotes domestic and international travel.

【Member】Obihiro cityThe Obihiro Chamber of Commerce and Industry、十勝町村会、Obihiro Airport Tarminal Building CO.,LTD、十勝地区農業協同組合長会、Tokachi Tourism FederationObihiro Tourism&Convention Bureau十勝管内商工会連合会、とかち帯広空港利用促進日高東部協議会(浦河町)

Collection and use of personal information

The acquisition of personal information by our company is performed fairly according to the law. The Tokachi Obihiro Airport webpage (referred to below as "this homepage") under the management of the Tokachi Obihiro Airport Promotion Association will handle all private information supplied by you in the following manner:

  • The scope of personal information collected is as follows:
    • personal information collected with the submission of opinions, requests, and other inquiries for the purpose of clarification,personal information collected during events, from surveys, or requested for billing, mailing, and home delivery purposes,
      the collection of information for administrative operations conducted by this cooperative,
      information collected as necessary, in accordance with customers rights, across the scope of our business operations (in which case the purpose and details of said collection and usage will be noted on the homepage).

In regards the the aforementioned personal information, we understand the importance of protecting this information, and will strive towards securing it with the utmost care.

  • The supplying or disclosure of personal information to a third party. Personal information will not furnished to any third party without notification to the customer, except in the following the cases:
    • a request for the furnishing or disclosure of information that is based on law, in the instance that the customer is in agreement, in the case where the treatment of personal information is consigned to an external business etc., in the case of information in which the individual can not be discerned, in the case where information is needed for the protection of a person's life, health, or property but there is difficulty in obtaining the person's agreement.

Regarding copyright

The rights of all compositions, pictures, etc. published on this site belong to Tokachi Obihiro Airport Promotion Association and are used with the consent of each of their contributors. Excluding normal use in accordance with the Japanese Copyright Act, materials may not be used out of context or quoted without permission.

Regarding this link.

This firm's webpage may be linked to freely as a general rule. However, there may be cases when linkage to this webpage may be declined.

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