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About our faciliites

Do you have a mail box?

There is a mail box on the side of the main entrance to the terminal building. Mail is collected every morning.

Is there Internet access in the terminal building?

We offer wireless LAN service. Please sign up at the 1st floor information desk. You can also use the PC on the 2nd floor of the terminal building in "Cafe Yume Kikyuu".

Are pets allowed inside the airport?

Guide dogs are allowed. We ask that you refrain from bringing other pets inside.

How much does parking cost?

Parking is free. If you are parking for longer than 2 weeks, for the convenience of our other guests, we ask that you park in either the parking lot #2 or the south-side parking lot.

What time does the airport open?

You can enter the 1st floor of the terminal building from 8:00 AM. The entrance gate, airport shop and restaurants open for business at 9:00AM.

Is there a breast-feeding room in the airport?

Please ask at the 1st floor information desk or with the Obihiro Airport (Holdings Corporation) Terminal building office on the 3rd floor. We have prepared a room on the 3rd floor. The embarkation waiting area also has a designated breast feeding area.

Do you have coin lockers?

We have lockers up to about 90 cm in size for your convenience.

Are there designated parking spaces for the disabled?

On the north-side of the terminal building there are 9 designated parking spaces for guests with disabilities.

Is the airport wheelchair accessible?

There are no stairs in our facility. There is a wheelchair accessible elevator as well as spacious multipurpose toilets.

Do you have an Ostomate toilet?

In our multipurpose toilets, facilities are provided for people who have undergone ostomy surgeries.

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About the airport

How many runways are there?

There is one runway.

Are there any opportunities to tour the airport?

We are currently carrying out tours for elementary and kindergarten students. For further information contact the Obihiro Airport Terminal Building (in Obihiro Airport's office) at phone#0155-64-5320.

In regards to other matters, please call us or fill out the mail inquiry form at your convenience.

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